Year-long Series

  • Shingal, Where Are You?

    Directed by Angelos Rallis, 2017, North American Premiere

    In 2014, the Yazidi city of Shingal in northern Iraq was conquered by ISIS. As the terror group moved in, they unleashed their worst atrocities, leaving thousands of men murdered, women kidnapped, and girls sold into sexual slavery. In this haunting film, we’re drawn deeply into the personal lives of those both young and old—who’ve survived the darkest of ISIS horrors, particularly members of the Havind family who desperately try to secure the return of their daughter from the ISIS slave camp. After tracking her down and securing money to negotiate with smugglers over the Turkish border, the family waits in painful desperation for her return. Like many Yazidis, they hope to return to Shingal. But with the city reduced to rubble, plagued by the trauma of massacre and so many loved ones lost, will human perseverance and family bonds be enough to rebuild a life there?

    Co-presenting at the  24th annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

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