Saturday, November 19th
6:00 PM

Dir: Tamara Herman and Susi Porter-Bopp, 55 min, Canada

Mining is big business in Canada. Almost 75% of the world’s mining companies call Canada home according to Vancouver-based filmmakers Tamara Herman and Susi Porter-Bopp’s new film. Most resource extraction happens beyond Canadian borders, where a lack of regulation and a rapacious profit- seeking agenda has permitted horrific environmental and social impact. Digging beneath the glossy marketing materials on company websites that tout shiny new schools and medical centres, the filmmakers travel to rural parts of Eastern and Southern Africa to talk to local residents, government officials, and community activists. The result is a far darker portrait. What the filmmakers uncover isn’t surprising: a lack of clean drinking water, few well-paying jobs, as well as an increase in cost of living, has forced many villagers to work in unsafe and desperate conditions. The word ‘intruder’ is what the local villagers call the displaced mine workers, who scavenge through discarded waste rock looking for trace minerals.